Amazon Kindle titles On-Sale

First up the previous twin-novel edition of Running Blind and its sequel The Freedom Trap are to be had for just £2.99. Next, the latest, Domino Island is also just £2.99. Other single novels are currently at the same price: The Enemy and The Snow Tiger, so why not fill those gaps in … Continue reading Amazon Kindle titles On-Sale

Apple has removed the Podcast

Sadly, Apple has removed the Desmond Bagley Podcast from iTunes/Apple Podcasts. It's taken us a few days to understand why ... The reason is that WordPress has changed their plan structure, without notice, removing the basic file-hosting we were using. Apple could no longer see where our podcast files were as they had been deleted … Continue reading Apple has removed the Podcast

Need to Know

Jeremy Duns, famous journalist and thriller writer, has put together a great article about Desmond Bagley's friend Iwan Morelius. Iwan, who has his own page on this site, was an outgoing and very friendly man, who served in the Swedish armed forces. He also helped a lot of best-selling thriller-writers of the day with military … Continue reading Need to Know