John Templeton Smith

Desmond Bagley’s friend and author-student, John Templeton Smith is back in print with his best-selling John Winter trilogy.

This is a gripping series from a remarkable author who sets the world of adventure ablaze from page one – and once started doesn’t let you go until the very end.

The trilogy comes either as a box-set or individual thrillers:

Remarkably, if you are a member of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription club you can read the set for free, otherwise a very reasonable £8.99 will get you a permanent Kindle eBook copy of all three. Of course you can also order paperbacks too if you wish.

As an introduction, for a short-time only, the first in the series – White Lie – can be bought for just £0.99. If you enjoy a top-quality British thriller by a master of the genre, this is a treat not to be missed.

While you are looking at the Amazon book pages please scroll down to the Author Biography where John gives due credit to his friend and mentor, and even offers a little more insight into the inception of Desmond Bagley’s first novel – The Golden Keel.




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