Not Really a Security Warning

Nothing to worry about. The site-address – – is now being warned against because it is “insecure”. This is because it does not have an https:// prefix, with a little padlock, just an http:// . Obtaining the required certificate to get the security added involves a yearly cost, actually more than the address itself, and as the site has received zero income from anywhere and is privately funded, this is something that is having to be reviewed.

Currently the web-address does nothing other than redirect a visitor to the secure WordPress site and pages. So it is only acting as a signpost. It is used for nothing else and is hosted by a very big and respectable company. The real address of the site is not too difficult to remember:

… so if you are concerned about the lack of a securiy certificate please bookmark this address instead. I’ll update this post when some form of progress is made.

Thank you for your patience.

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