Who am I ?

Hello, my name is Nigel. My background is varied: I began learning Judo when I was 8, Engineering when I was 17, had a passion for Motorbikes when I was 18, played a lot of Squash when I was 25, got Married when I was 34 and Worked both in the Engineering sector and for the Government.

I read my first Desmond Bagley novel in a hotel while visiting Stratford-Upon-Avon and from then on was hooked. The idea for the website came back in 1996, which in hindsight was quite early on for the UK. Back then things were a lot simpler. We had big and bulky low-resolution 640×480 monitors with a heady 256 colours and the Internet came down the phone-line via AOL or Compuserve and a screeching, squawking little black box.


I’d visited Guernsey in 1994 and done a lot of research, building-up a heavy box-file of information and photographs. Being keen to share all this work I used Claris’ Homepage software to produce the first version of the web-site and it finally went online in 1997.

If you look hard enough you might still be able to find a slightly later, modified version, however here’s the original …


Around 2004 I acquired the domain name and began to redesign everything.

The goal of this site is to save from oblivion the enormous contribution Bagley made to the genre of British thriller writing and hark back to a time when writers strove to lift us out of the hum-drum and work-a-day rather than merely rub our noses in it.

If you have enjoyed looking around this site and the many years that have gone into supporting it, it would be great if you could …


… but please don’t worry if not. Everything here is free to view as often as you like.

To get in touch please use the email address: desmondbagley@talktalk.net