Please note that all photographs on this web-site are used with permission of the copyright owners. I consciously don’t use any I haven’t been expressly allowed to. Other web-site maintainers have on occasion purloined them for their own creations. Please don’t. Did you know, for example, that to buy usage of the photo of DB sitting at his desk cost $99, around twenty years ago? Most people have actually been very generous in offering their permission and help for free.

I would specifically like to thank a few people for their help:

To: Lecia Foston – Joan’s sister. A real trouper. For lots of great on-going help and encouragement. Someone to whom I personally have to offer a huge amount of gratitude. No matter what daft question I ask I always receive a kind, helpful and well-reasoned response.

To: John Templeton-Smith – for his kind indulgence and patience as, when we first met over sixteen years ago, I asked all kinds of Bagley related questions. In April 2017 John kindly wrote an insightful article about his friend, for the 20th anniversary of this site.

To: David Brawn – at Harper-Collins who has been instrumental in getting the Bagley pantheon back in to print more than once. A Hero and generous with his time and help.

To: HarperCollins Publishers – for their permission to scan and use the book covers. Please remember that Desmond Bagley books are now being reprinted and while nothing beats finding a bargain at a local secondhand book shop, a nice, crisp new book is a thing of beauty! Great publishers.

To: Captain Iwan Morelius – a family friend. For anecdotes, absolutely superb photographs and great insights in to DB’s social life. Sorely missed.

To: Philip Eastwood – who runs The Bagley Brief website, mirroring his good friend’s Deighton Dossier. Philip is a diligent, hugely skilled and approachable researcher who has shed welcome light in dark corners. He has single-handedly brought Desmond Bagley back to the attention of both the publishing world and a new generation of readers. What’s more, he has also generously donated his collection of rare author memorabilia to museums and libraries on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

To: Graham Jackson – also a family friend and professional photographer who lives on Guernsey. Graham supplied Bagley with his promotional photographs, and very generously allowed me to rifle through them. He also offered more excellent anecdotes. Generous with no strings.

To: Peter Lovesey – an incredibly famous author who was kind enough to scan photographs and useful information. Read his books, they’re marvellous!

To: Mike Ripley – at Getting Away With Murder. A friendly, vastly knowledgable stalwart of the thriller genre, and a published author in his own right.

To: Andrea Spain – at the former “In Britain” magazine for her very kind help in tracing the 1980 article – not easy as there had been a change of publisher since the original went out. Patient. Helpful.

To: Oxford Bookworms – Please see the section on educational titles. Helpful publisher.

To: the Department of Special Collections at Boston University, (USA) especially: Mr. J C Johnson, Mr. S D Noel and Dr. H Gotlieb Top-class resource, protecting our inheritance for posterity.

To: Christian Henriksson – who ran a web-site called “Big Mystery Bibliography Page” and in the early days helped me get to the bottom of the erroneous ‘extra’ novel. Friendly. Cheerful.

To: Ryuji Okuyama in Japan for information about Japanese publications. Sadly the publishers have not replied to my enquiry and so details of their books have been kept back. Ryuji has information on a lot of other authors on his web-site. Unexpected kindness.

To: Ron Hulland – Bookseller-friend to the Bagley’s, who has offered much help and many anecdotes.

To: Mike Bygrave – Thank you.

To: Neil Bousfield – Thank you.

To: Ian Hamilton – Good luck with your project!

And not least to Joan Bagley herself, without whose kind help and encouragement I would have found the job of researching back so far, more difficult than it was. Though ill for a long time before her untimely death, she was always willing to talk about her husband’s career, and the pride she had in his achievements was clear to all. I was one lucky enough to make her acquaintance. The world will be a sadder place without her.

A project such as this cannot be done entirely alone. Those people listed above have given of their help very freely and unconditionally. That such people exist has cheered me greatly. Any errors in the content of this site are my responsibility, and mine alone.