Bob Boyd is a geologist with a damaged memory, who sleeps rough out in the great forests of British Columbia while on his field trips into the Northern Territories. An amiable, resourceful character he never the less has an alarming gap in his past and doesn’t know very much about his youth.

He is offered work in Fort Farrell by the locally powerful Matterson Corporation who plan on building a new hydro-electric plant at the foot of a great new dam. His task will be to survey the soon to be submerged land and prospect for hidden minerals that might be profitably extracted before the valley is flooded.

What Boyd discovers puts him at odds with the Matterson family, a mixed bunch of spoilt rich-kids and arrogant bullies, headed by the dominating Bull Matterson. They own much of Fort Farrell, but like the land they plan on flooding, their past is built on shaky foundations.

Bob Boyd is most definitely a fly in their collective ointment, as he strikes up a romantic alliance with Claire Trinavant, a member of another once powerful local family, who were crushed by the Matterson’s ruthlessness.

This story is one of David and Goliath proportions, with the company desperate to silence Boyd for good before he can convince the rest of the community of the danger of the new dam.

A gripping tale with unusual twists all the way through.