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2nd May 2019

Only a week to go until the author’s ‘new’ novel, Domino Island, is published! Check out the latest podcast for background information.

Podcast no.18

Podcast no.18 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes


17th January 2019

An introduction to the new novel, Domino Island, being published later this year.

Podcast no.17

Podcast no.17 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

YouTube test trial – not generally publicised as it features the same audio content as no. 15 but with a more visual presentation. Intended as a tentative exploration of the platform for future use.

Podcast no.16

Podcast no.16 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

2nd November 2018

A quick look at the author’s 6th novel – The Spoilers – published in 1969 and in the same year as fellow Harper Collins author Alistair MacLean’s Puppet on a Chain.

Podcast no.15

Podcast no.15 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

12th October 2018

Just a brief News Update following the important announcement from the Frankfurt Book Fair earlier today.

Podcast no.14

Podcast no.14 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

9th May 2018

Podcast number 13 is now available and consists of a brief News Update about this year’s Guernsey Literary Festival.

Podcast no.13

Podcast no.13 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

9th February 2018

The 12th Podcast takes a look at the authors novel – The Vivero Letter – and updates news of the Guernsey Literary Festival

Podcast no.12

Podcast no.12 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

12th January 2018

Podcast no. 11 brings us up to date with news of an event happening in 2018, after we’ve taken a look at a bit more author background.

Podcast no.11

Podcast no.11 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

6th April 2017

For podcast number 10 we are grateful to best-selling author John Templeton Smith for recounting the top-ten tips Desmond Bagley gave him as he started on his own writing career.

Podcast no.10

Podcast no.10 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

28th March 2017

The novel Running Blind is the subject of our 9th Podcast, this time guest-written by Philip Eastwood from The Bagley Brief . He is more qualified than many to comment on the story as he previously ran Bagley’s Running Blind . The story is a particular favourite of many Desmond Bagley’s fans, subject to the only UK television adaptation of one of his stories.

Podcast no.9

Podcast no.9 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

31st January 2017

Landslide was the author’s fourth published novel and for our eighth podcast we take a look at the story and its geology, something very important to the exciting plot.

Podcast no.8

Podcast no.8 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

19th January 2017

Our seventh, and first podcast of the new year, takes a look at Wyatt’s Hurricane, the author’s third published novel. Can young meteorologist David Wyatt convince the population of San Fernandez that their beautiful Caribbean island is about to be hit by an unforecast change of direction of Hurricane Mabel, especially when they have other things to worry about, such as encroaching civil-war.

Podcast no.7

Podcast no.7 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

23rd December 2016

For Christmas and to mark our sixth podcast we turn to High Citadel, Bagley’s second published novel. Set in the frozen Andes it is a tale of treachery and intrigue among a group of stranded airline passengers as they fight for survival against the cruel elements and a murderous foe.

Podcast no.6

Podcast no.6 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

6th December 2016

For our anniversary Podcast, and marking the fifth in the series, we go back to the beginning and explore the background to Desmond Bagley’s very first published novel – The Golden Keel.

Few people realised at the time what a tour-de-force this story would turn out to be. Not only did the author ‘hit the ground running’ with a trademark style and accurate, well-researched content, but he offered riveting excitement on every page, right up to the gripping climax.

Remember Harper Collins are re-releasing all of the author’s work throughout 2017. See our News page for details.


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Podcast no.5

Podcast no.5 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

7th November 2016

In the fourth podcast we take a brief look at the film and television adaptations of the author’s work.

Podcast no.4

Podcast no.4 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

29th September 2016

For the third podcast we take a quick look at how the author wrote his novels and look forward to the re-issue of all sixteen titles during 2017.

Podcast no.3

Podcast no.3 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

17th September 2016

For podcast number two in the series we take a brief look at early research techniques and the author’s return to the UK after the success of his first novel The Golden Keel.

Podcast no.2

Podcast no.2 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes

5th December 2015

On the day that Storm Desmond batters the UK it is, perhaps, appropriate to release the first in an irregular series of podcasts about the life and career of the author Desmond Bagley.

Podcast no.1

Podcast no.1 – on Apple Podcasts / iTunes