The Spoilers

This is a story of hard drugs, their traffickers and addicts. Published in the 1970’s when such things were certainly common knowledge, what today might be thought of as overly simplistic must have seemed pretty hard-hitting at the time, it is the trademark ingenuity of the author that makes the story so readable and exciting.

After brusque but rich business man Sir Robert Hellier loses his daughter to drugs he sets out to make life difficult for the Doctor who was trying to ween her off them before her death. In the beginning he blames Warren for her fate, but gradually comes to realise that not everything is so black and white. True to form the authors’ research has given him a solid foundation in the subject, and indeed the science he comes up with is still an eye-opener even in our more jaundiced times.

Hellier wants to avenge his daughter’s death and challenges Warren to stop concentrating on the cure and do something to prevent the drugs getting onto the market in the first place.

Warren has some useful friends, including Andy Tozier who is an out of work mercenary, together they assemble a small team and set off to plug the supply lines, all financed by Hellier whose bluff has been called.

It takes time for the team to inveigle themselves into the drug-runner’s confidence, and once there make them a proposition they can’t refuse. Ever greedy for quick profit the gang swallows the bait.

Not only does the author manage to come up with a unique way of getting drugs into a country unnoticed, he also manages to take us on a tour around the Middle East, visiting those hot, arid places he enjoyed so much in real life.