The Vivero Letter

Although we start in the pleasant countryside of south western England we are soon off to South America once more, but this time on the hunt for Mayan gold and the murderers of Jeremy Wheale’s farmer brother.

Wheale has inherited a curious historical artifact, one of a pair although he doesn’t realise it at the time, which to those in the know points to the location of hidden treasure deep in the dense jungle of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The stakes are high and it is not only two rival archaeologists who are on the trail of the gold, but also a dangerous criminal who recognises an easy profit when he sees it. Jeremy Wheale is dogged by danger at every turn, including the band of banished criminals, the Chicleros, who roam the jungle ready to trap any unwary tourists.

Drawing on an extensive knowledge of the unique geology, fauna and flora of the area Desmond Bagley paints a vivid picture of the blood sweat and tears of searching through dense inhospitable jungle, diving the sinister water-holes for clues, while all the time coping with the local indians, the newly arrived criminal gang and battling the cruel jungle just to stay alive.