Wyatt’s Hurricane

Hurricane Mabel is about to change course and cause untold havoc on the restless Caribbean island of San Fernandez. David Wyatt is the lone scientist who believes the great storm will stray from its previously predicted safe path, and he sets out to try and convince the sceptical authorities of what might happen.

San Fernandez is a far from peaceful island and there are military factions at work , viciously struggling for power. Acting as a thorn in the flesh to both is an American military airbase.

Will anyone believe Wyatt’s tale of doom? Will he survive the bureaucracy and attempts on his life? Which warring faction will win? Or might Hurricane Mabel wipe the game board clean and settle old scores once and for all?

Marvel at the author’s in-depth knowledge of his subject and his ability to wind the tension up until it is about to burst before playing his final cards. Another masterpiece.