Writer : An Enquiry in a Novelist

As we begin a New Year, some really good news for a change. From our friends over at The Bagley Brief web-site, the soon to be released memoirs of the author detailing his life and work during the period before he became a world-wide best-seller. It was originally titled Writer: An Enquiry into a Novelist and written by Bagley on, we believe, his electronic word-processor, unlike any of his novels.

As this publication is FREE to download it is suggested a donation to charity might be considered. Here’s the official blurb:

‘The book is a not-for-profit publication to be made freely available via thebagleybrief.com as a PDF download. There will be links included for voluntary donations to charities the Bagleys supported, though this is not a pre-requisite for download. Publishing this way will give people the choice to make a donation directly to one of the charities, should they wish, and know that 100% of their donation will go to the charity concerned.’

There is a Foreword by crime and mystery fiction guru Mike Ripley, and the text has been edited by Philip Eastwood. Publication-day is expected to be sooner rather than later so for updates keep an eye on:


… and of course we will update here and the Facebook page too when we know more.

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